Realizing Your Potential

The events of two weeks shook me up, don’t get me wrong. Every week I’ve been going out to the Crit and watching the boys (and some girls) giving it their all — and at the risk of sounding like Ricky Bobby — I wanna go fast. I still want to race at the Rock. I want to mix it up realize some of the potential that’s sitting inside of me.

My father always quotes “A Bronx Tale”: The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.

I can’t say that I have any, not any natural talent, that is, but I’ve got heart. I know I’m not the fastest guy, but I can hang. I’ve improved so much over the past two years, I certainly have some potential.

I’ve always had the issue of allowing myself to accept mediocrity. I brought in okay grades. I work at an okay job. And then it clicked last night, when at the back of the pack, a rider shouted to another as he was dropping off the back fo the pack (and I’m paraphrasing here): “only average people give up! get back on!” I’d also heard him say something just before that about being extraordinary or something to the like, but the message was there — Don’t accept mediocrity. Give it your all, and it will pay dividends, if not what you’re doing, than at least as far as pride and personal achievement are concerned.

Ride hard out there. Ride bonCourage!

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