Rockleigh Race Report, 07/21/2011

Thursday : A hot and humid Rockleigh Crit
Suited up and headed out armed with six bottles and two 24 oz gatorades.  By the time the race started I was already down one gatorade and three bottles. Too hot to get a decent warm up in, so I just relaxed and stretched in the shade after about 2.5 miles.  Race started, I’m sitting in the front next to the yellow jersey on the neutral laps, and try and find my way to drop back a little so I have a wheel to hold.  Drop back about three wheels before the gun, and it goes hard from the start.  I start, as usual, losing ground in corner one, and am spent by the end of 3 hot laps.  I pull off and jump back in for three more, pull off and back in for three more, and finally get dropped one last time with two to go.  I sit up so I can hop back in for the finish, and I am SPENT.  Down a bottle of water on the recovery lap, dump one over my head, and start feeling a little light headed so I sit and recover on coach’s bumper, finally mustering the strength to get back to my car and start killing the second bottle of gatorade. 
HOT, HOT race.  Small field of only about 30, so I’ll comfort myself by believing that only the real men showed up to race tonight.
After I got home from the race I weighed myself and was two pounds heavier than I’ve been… Must have been all the water.

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