A retrospective view

I have not been riding bonCourage, lately. That’s not to say that I haven’t since I last posted, in fact quite the contrary. It’s just over the past few weeks that I’ve felt lethargic, unmotivated, unwilling to get out of bed, turn on the lights, and roll out to watch the sunrise over the Hudson.

This was a big, great, fulfilling season for me that I feared would never get off the ground. My coach, my mentor, had a serious crash that took him out of the game and off the road for months. I feared the same fate, but I got over it. I, with my minimal fitness, embarked on as many Cat 5 races as I could muster. Did I do well? Not by the standards of points and rankings we all look at, but as far as personal accomplishment goes? Hell yeah, I did alright.

I didn’t hang with the 4/5 race once this year, but I think its more a matter of inexperience than inability. I’d give up too soon, I wouldn’t read the acceleration, and my God do I need to learn how to hammer through turn 1 at Rockleigh. But it’s good that I didn’t do well, for if I did how I would have liked I’d have fewer things to accomplish next year.

I still have some road season left, one (possibly two) races at Rockleigh next week, and possibly a big Prospect Park race October 2nd. Then I’m going to focus on cyclocross, see how I like it, see how it helps me build my fitness for next season.

What I can be proud of this year is summed up in a text message from a highly respected cyclist and shop owner: “Spanky you rode really well today. Thank johnny for pushing u a bit, but nonetheless a nice ride.”

What needs to change, however, is my current state of mind. I need to start riding bonCourage, for next season will be here before we know it.

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