Looking Back: Remembering the Signifcance of Goals You’ve Already Met.

I set some goals for the beginning of last year, goals that were huge for me then, but that I look back on today as almost silly in nature.  I remember getting my first road bike last year, a Trek 1000 that I bought used off Craigslist, and I started looking at all these events/charity rides/etc…

Somewhere along the line, I found my way into the bike of my dreams, and talked about local racing.  I wanted something tangible to work toward, and thats since consumed me, making me look back on last year’s goals with something that borders on animosity  — not because they weren’t big or exciting, just that looking back at them, they don’t seem all too challenging.

I remember getting that Trek and setting my sights on the Five Borough Bike Tour.  I only had about a month to get ready for the arduous 42 mile adventure through New York City’s famed borough’s, getting to see them like I never had before.  But 42 miles?  How was I ever going to do 42 miles?

I showed up that morning in my GS Park Ridge bibs and my Team Fatty jersey, a camelback, and running shoes with toe clip pedals.  I made it through the miles, slowly, taking plenty of breaks along the way.  I finally reached Staten Island, got back to my car, drove back home and promptly went and ate *way* more calories than I burned that day.

42 miles.  That was my big goal.  But I need not look at it with disdain — without that goal I’d have never set the other goals, would have never pushed forward, and would have never ended up where I am today.  I ride 42 miles regularly, and more than that just as often.  But those first 42 miles?  Well, we all start somewhere — I guess what I’m trying to say is, it’s important to not forget your roots.

Ride hard out there!

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