Why I Love Being a Cyclist

Listen, it’s no secret that cycling has it’s benefits, health, psychological wellness — I’m just a better person because I ride.  But today’s ride was somewhat of an anomaly.  Today’s ride started out on a crisp autumn morning, starting a ride in sunlight for once.  I headed out toward Big B’s place and as I’m passing the golf course I was treated to the most amazing sight.

I rode out past the golf course, through a foggy mist off the wet grass.  The sun to the right was shining into the fog, lighting it as if it were a movie set.  The quiet breeze was shaking the remaining yellow and orange leaves free from the trees.  It was stunning.

I suffered as I my legs burned the entire way up Closter Dock Road, feeling alive.  We barreled along 9W to the Alpine Boat Basin, where we took our time climbing through a wooded wonderland alongside the Hudson River.

The sights, the smells, the sunrises I’ve been lucky enough to experience this year have been phenomenal.  Some people will resign to staying in bed on the weekends, to relax — I used to be one of them.  But now, I ride, and I feel alive.


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