One of the Fast Guys

2:24:31, 40.54 miles, 17.4 mph average moving speed.
Did a nice ride out from the shop, was joined by the likes of J. Marze, Mean Dean (on a bike for once!!), Fast Eddie, and the usuals, TL, Putter, and ML rounding out the group.  A solid group, somewhat intimidating for me, and then I thought about it, thought about how I’ve been riding, and realized — I’m ahead of all these guys at worlds!  Except for John, this should be a good ride!
So we rolled out toward Wyckoff on a nice route that takes us through Franklin Lakes, out by Ramapo to Suffern, and back through USR, SR, Ho Ho Kus, Ridgewood, and back to Westwood for me.  Nice ride with a steady dose of Vitamin H (hills, if ya didn’t know).  The shocker was when Putter and I were riding on the front, chatting about how astounded I was to be sitting here, pulling this group of known strong riders, and we pull off and filter to the back, I get on but Putter is gone!  I let it known that we had a fallen soldier and we let him catch back on.
But all in all, it was a great ride.  I was dropping some of the guys on the hills (a real shocker for me), and when Marze decided to ramp it up on West Saddle River Rd, even though I’d been at the front with Fast Eddie for some time, I dug in and answered the call, sticking on his wheel.
I almost think it’s safe to say, well, for one, that I should never get dropped again, but I’m almost willing to put myself into the class of riders who I’m actually riding with… All along I’ve considered myself a lesser, the kid (which, really, I am compared to the distinguished Gentlemen of GS Park Ridge), and never thought of myself on the same plane.. I can almost see someone saying, now, “oh, that kid?? he’s fast..”
and it feels good.

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