Things That I’m Thankful For

Today everyone is flooding the interwebs about what they’re thankful for.. This blog is no different.

First and foremost, I’m thankful for my wife and family for putting up with this crazy pursuit of cycling. They support me, pretty much without question. Even if they don’t understand why I do it, they understand what it means to me.

Two years ago I went for a ride with my wife. We took our mountain bikes out and were going to ride three miles to my moms house. We took a camelbak full of water and cruised along, stopping almost every mile, but we made it. It was my first ride on the road, and I have her to thank for getting me thru it. We made it to and from, and I felt accomplished having ridden a whole 8 or so miles.

Last year I went out with Big B, and slowly crept up Closter Dock Road, having him yell at me “Come on! I’m FORTY!” I needed to pull off and recover after we made it to the top.

Today I went out with Big B again, up Closter Dock Road again, and he pulls ahead of me. “Don’t take this personally!” he tells me. I didn’t. But then something happened, and I kept him in sight. He was slowing down, feeling it in his legs due to the cold air. “Come on old man!” I tell him. “You go,” he tells me, and I dig in, take another gear, and take the hill.

I get an email from him later, telling the group that “I’m not the same rider I was six months ago. And I thought about it, and I’m not. Nor am I the same rider I was a year ago, or two years ago.

Long story short, I’m grateful for the progress I’ve made, the changes in my body that allowed that, and the friends who’ve helped me get to this place. Big B, Pietro, El Guapo, Mean Dean, MG, Bender, Greg-O, and Marze, I’d never have gotten here without you. And V, the wife, since you wanted a specific shout out, thanks again for supporting me in this endless pursuit.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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