Okay, I get it, I’ve been slacking…

You deserve better.  And 2012 is just the time to make that move toward more frequent updating, as well as trying to get two of my cohorts to begin blogging here as well.

So what’s new?  Picking up a Specialized Transition Expert this week, so I can start focusing on some Time Trialing, as well as having another arrow in my quiver to find more multi-stage races in the area.  The boys and I are going to be meeting tomorrow night to discuss the plans for this year, but I think one of them is going to be the NJBA Team Time Trial challenge.

The holiday’s came and went and I’ve got some more swag.  The wife, with the help of El Guapo and The Sweeters, got me the kit I’ve been wanting to buy for the better part of six months.  Some more winter appropriate clothing as well, but I was most pleased with the what I got everyone else.  I picked up a Forerunner for my father, who has high hopes of completing the 2013 Walt Disney World Marathon, and I hope to complete it with him, but that’s a goal for another post.

I started thinking seriousloy about attempting a 4 day out of 5, 52 week commuting program.  That’s an extra 4000 miles a year.  It doesn’t have to be fast, it doesn’t have to be hard, but it would be nice to add that sort of consistant base to my training.  Something I’m talking over with Big B.

At any rate, I hope your holidays were splendid, I hope you got everything you wanted and gave everything you could, and I’ll get you more after the new year!


The New Transition

I wanna go fast!


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