Good Days, Bad Days

Some days you have it, some days you don’t. Saturday started off kind of meh, getting out for about an hour of endurance mileage before the “World Championships” at Cyclesport. Then once the world’s got going, I just couldn’t turn over the cranks. I finally sat up in Norwood and pulled off early.

Today I met up with Scoop and Big B and reluctantly went out for the Rocket Ride. Expecting to get dropped early, I wasn’t really looking forward to it. Big B took a monster pull down Piermont Rd and I managed to sit on his wheel the whole way down. I bridged a couple little gaps that opened up, saved my energy in the middle of the pack, and was still with the group when we got back to Rivervale – certainly not what I was expecting. Not realizing the ride would end kind of shortly, I pulled off with Big B and headed home, with a very solid hour at more or less race pace in my legs.

Racing starts in two weeks. Yesterday I felt miserable about myself – today I’m feeling really good. I think a showing like that today will translate into a solid start of the season at Branch Brook, considering the calibre of rider on the Rocket Ride.

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