Successes and Setbacks

It’s been an amazing season. Took a while to come back from breaking my wrist on the rocket ride back on February, but once I found my grove things were going well. My mileage is way down on where I had hoped to be, but it happens.

I finished my first ever race back at the Rahway crit. Got shelled hard at the Giro del Cielo road race and crit. Crashed out with one to go the first week I raced at Rockleigh, only to take a flyer off the front with 1.5 laps to go the week after. That feeling, with people screaming at you to keep going, having 5-7 seconds on everyone and thinking “maybe, maybe if I can hang on a little longer…” is unlike anything else in this world. I was even greeted to a round of applause when I crossed the line, dead fucking last, but I gave them a good show!  Got my cat 4 upgrade, finally.

Having a baby, or at least my wife is, so things are going to get complicated, but awesome. Was planning on making August and September big racing and training months before I packed it away for the remainder of the season and welcomed the kid into our lives. Crashed hard on Tuesday during our small ring paceline ride, and won’t be back on the bike until mid August. It happens — it sucks, but it happens.  I feel bad for the other riders who I managed to take down with me, one with a concussion who got carted away in an ambulance, another hitting the deck and cracking a helmet (though no concussion, thankfully).  I suffered some road rash and a trip to the orthopedic confirmed a sprained MCL.

I’ll have fresh legs when I come back, though, and I’ll be full of pent up aggression. Can still squeeze a prospect park race in, and thinking about doing the white plains crit. I’ll race a few more times before the baby comes, and then, well, we’ll see how much anything else matters.

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